— The Story about Koreans, AI and Porn

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The korean audience is one of the most “grateful” in terms of fanaticism. Photos and videos of local nude celebs very quickly collect millions of views. The website offers a very large selection of diverse videos with the latest generations of korean idols and simply the popular media personalities of the Far Eastern culture.

Korean Culture & K-Pop Deepfakes

For korean culture, deepfake itself will not be a novelty or anything reprehensible. South Korea is the pioneer of machine learning, and porn is a genre that is always and always interesting to everyone. The appearance of fake nudes on pop idols is just a matter of promotion time, each face will be necessarily captured in the most piquant poses.

The korean culture of pop idols is characterized by several features that are diligently repeated in the FaceSwap simulation. For starters, this is a “robot” appearance. A handsome man by korean standards has smooth marbled skin. No tanning, no wrinkles, the most regular facial features, large pores or skin irregularities are also unacceptable. One of the perfect simulations will look almost like a sex doll.

Based on this, the appearance of FaceSwap almost brought korean porn lovers closer to their eternal ideal. The only problem is the legality of using the image. But on only approximate images of all beloved singers and actors are used. Of course, everyone understands who exactly acts as the “donor” of the person, but it does not bother to watch fake nudes at all.

Another important thing follows from this – the cult of eternal youth, even a teenage appearance. In Korea, no one considers it necessary to create fake nude celebs for people aged or just enough adult prototypes. On the contrary. All idols like the BTS group exploit the images of eternal high school students as soon as they cease to correspond to an outwardly similar stereotype – they will leave the stage.

Also, a characteristic feature of korean idols is the expression of template emotions. The role is primarily sold, not improvisation. This helps a lot in the field of machine learning – there is no need to polish too much and adjust the facial animation to the movements of porn models. Naturally, the technology is far from perfect, but it is quite suitable for satisfying fantasies.

In terms of genres, even if you’ll look at SexCelebrity’s list of kpop deepfakes, it repeats korean “regular” porn. Compared to Japanese videos, fake nudes are more restrained and exploit the realm of emotions rather than pure animal passion. Fans appreciate the “originals” of the groups primarily for their aesthetics. is an extensive online archive of fake Asian porn. Of course, korean idols are fully represented in it. The number of videos is constantly growing, given the popularity of the Kpop genre itself.

In addition to the actual porn, FaceSwap is available on related genres. For example, a considerable number of videos are devoted to erotic dances with elements of pornography under Kpop. This is done much better than the early types of computer animation, because real people dance, not prerendered models.


Kpop is currently absolutely popular among teens and an audience of twenty. Moreover, he is steadily conquering the west. And if something in the world is popular – fake nudes will be made for it. Fortunately, the technology of combining faces almost overcame the “sinister valley” and can now be used on portals like Sexcelebrity, which offer fans terabytes of on-screen intimate fantasies.

How to Become a Cam Girl

Full archive of her photos and videos from ICLOUD LEAKS 2020 Here

Webcam modeling is a profession which appeared due to the specifics of virtual communication. In other words, webcam models are paid for communication with people. Predominantly this profession is occupied by girls, however, some men also try themself in this business. 

There are different options for communication – there are quite frank, providing nudity, and there are options that provide only communication with only flirting and without the need for girls to get naked. Webcam model should become an interesting interlocutor for the client, competently conduct a dialogue and maintain a conversation. The best sexy webcams can not only be beautiful but to understand their interlocutors. 

Webcam models usually get paid for each minute of their time spent in private conversations with a particular person. Most often they decide about the price per minute by themself, and often the price is a few dollars per minute. The monthly revenues of a single webcam model can reach from $500 to $3000 

How to Start a Webcam Model Career?

It is easy to get started. The first thing every webcam model needs from the very beginning is a computer or notebook, even a tablet or phone, a good internet connection and a webcam.

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8 Things Which Show that You Are Meant to Be Together

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Do you believe in the idea of ​​soul mates? Do you think such people even exist? Is there somewhere in this vast world the only person who is destined to live the rest of their life with you?

Well, most people believe that you need to find your soul mate, and most likely you are no exception. Chances are you believe that your fate in this regard is predetermined from birth, and you just have to surrender to her will, and in every way contribute to its implementation.

A recent case study shows that the vast majority of adults believe that they have soul mates. By the way, the same study shows that faith in it does not depend on whether you are a guy or a girl. Both sexes are equally attracted to the idea of ​​finding their second half, with whom they want to live up to gray hair and many grandchildren.

And if you want to check how much you are compatible, first of all, make sure that these eight things are present in your relationship. Because if this is not so, then most likely, you are simply not destined to be together.

1. Together, you feel happy and safe

Your relationship should be a safe haven for you. It should help you heal the wounds in your soul. The right relationship should not fill your mind with fears and self-doubt; it should not feed all these negative things. And therefore, if your relationship does not have a sense of security, this is one of the first red flags indicating that something is wrong with them. Any Ukrainian bride will be a perfect lover and a great mom for your children, maybe you should try seeking your soul mate among them.

2. You know how to have fun together

If there is no place and time for fun in your life together, your relationship is not entirely healthy. You should never forget to spend time on entertainment, at least the simplest one, like watching your favorite TV shows. Work and self-development are a must, but who doesn’t like to let off all serious things and just laugh at times?

Once again, if there is no place for fun and relaxation in your relationship, chances are you do not fit together. A couple who doesn’t know how to have fun is unlikely to be together for a long time, and certainly not forever, as in fairy tales.

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Amateur Porn Like You Have Never Seen Before

Full archive of her photos and videos from ICLOUD LEAKS 2020 Here

Sure, mainstream videos with pornstars are entertaining, but sometimes you want something that’s more real and authentic. Outlandish set-ups, people fucking other people order to get unstuck, prevalent step-incest, anal gaping, exaggerated moaning, and labored dirty talk – none of these things are realistic or common. We understand that you’re tired of amped-up, cartoonish action, we know that you want to see REAL people enjoy REALISTIC sex with GENUINE passion and LEGITIMATE lust.

What makes this collection of amateur porn so unique is the fact that it’s a handpicked one. Each and every single video in that growing XXX database was selected based on its unquestionable hotness. In addition to that, there’s also a VERY diverse selection of amateur sex genres, including all the underrated ones such as ASMR, Leggings, Porn for Women, and Webcam. The site in question also offers lightning-fast streaming in great quality, along with numerous other handy user features. Why not give a try right away?

Attention! Be careful! you risk dying of pleasure!

Full archive of her photos and videos from ICLOUD LEAKS 2020 Here

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But best of all, of course, blonde teens. Of inexperience and fragility enchant. You will be her first, and then you can teach everything that you like so much, a good lascivious whore will come out of her.

If you need an answer to the question of how to change your life and make it brighter and more saturated, then I advise you to choose a blonde. Milfs, teens, ages, asians – it doesn’t matter, it’s important that they are blondes. What should an ideal woman look like? First, with boobs, second, with an big ass, third, blonde. Remember these simple rules and never make a mistake again, do not waste your time on boring women who look like logs. Fuck blondes and be happy, because for them there are no bans, no frames, no prejudices.Did you learn the lesson well excellent, I hope now your big dick is ready for the hottest meeting in your life, for fucking with a blonde.